Who can attend Encounter?
Anyone can attend Encounter, but our sessions will be aimed at middle school and high school students.

What does the registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers your admission to conference. Food, hotels, and transportation are not covered.

Where can I register to be a volunteer?
You can register to join a volunteer team on our volunteer page.

Will there be childcare available?
Childcare will not be available. 

When should I pick up my child from Encounter at night?
Wednesday and Thursday sessions should end by 9:15 or 9:30. Late night will be done between 10:00 and 10:30. The Friday evening session will be done by 10.

Do I need to have a complete list of students before I purchase my groups tickets?
No you do not need to submit a list of students.

Are there day or session passes available?
No we will not offer day or session passes.

Is there a way to reserve seating for larger groups?
Yes. For more information about reserve seating contact snichols@trinitytoday.com.

Will there be a meal ticket option?
There will not be a meal ticket option. There will be vendors on campus offering meal options for groups. Groups can also go off campus to eat.

Does Encounter help arrange transportation?
We will not be able to help arrange transportation.

One encounter changes everything.